Osprey Charters

Capt. Jake Curley

Capt. Sean Gill

  • To The Gills Charter Service
  • 26 Hybrid
  • 912-398-4841

Capt. Troy Robichaux

  • Saltwater Guide Service
  • 24 Bay
  • 985-693-3950

Capt. Mike Odell

  • 24 Bay Hawks Cay
  • 305-743-9000

Capt. Dean Dougherty

Capt. Mark Liberman

Capt. Steven Lamp

Capt. Phillip O'Bannon

Capt. Rick Ehlis

  • 24 Bay
  • Anna Maria
  • 941-545-6588

Capt. Mark Huse

Capt. Chad Breland

Capt. Chris Frohlick

Capt. Rich Tudor

Capt. Tom Rowland

Capt. Stacy Capps

Capt. Trey Picque

Capt. Skip LeCain

Capt. Veiko and Chris Kreis

Capt. RT Trosset

Capt. Mike Anderson

Capt. Ron Guithier

Capt. Damon McKnight

Champion Charters Venice LA

Champion Fishing Charters

  • Champion Charters llc
  • 235 Cypress Cove Rd
  • Venice, LA 70091
  • Yellowfin 36 Offshore
  • Capt. Chandler Cataldie
  • 318-730-4410

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